Saturday, January 20, 2018

Reign India beyond 2019

No doubt politics is a game of opportunity. Way back in year 2014, failure of Congress  to contain people's  utter frustration became BJP's opportunity to come on Nation wide lime light  and for MODI it became a well tailored opportunity to showcase his "Gujarat Model" and rise above the party to become the very face of BJP , the rest as we all know is history.

Today MODI the Prime  Minister,  MODI the Global Leader and MODI the very BJP is  becoming the  very  household word   I being one among the billions who have given Modi and the BJP a brute majority, find ourselves  mute spectators of an arrogant BJP  notwithstanding the fact that we remain  the largest working Democracy of the world.

It will not be wrong of me to claim that under  Modi's Premiership  the Scams which where the hall mark of Congress Govt have dwindled drastically. It will not be be wrong of me to say that both  our executive/bureaucracy have become approachable and responsive. I will also not be wrong in saying that under BJP today our foreign relations have both matured and progressed. Modi and Modi's BJP has brought about a sea of change in the way India and Indians are seen by the West and rest of the world. Along with this story of progress and development also is visible a gutsy MODI who has opened India's longest Bridge across the Brahmaputra River, which was shunned for decades fearing Chinese invasion . He has also decided to fast track building the tallest railway Bridge across disputed Kashmir region, His earnestness to develop India can never be  questioned, yet his and his party's Hindutva ideology and lending a freehand to vigilantist s and fringe communal groups seemingly becoming a hallmark of his rule. It is not only  hurting the  sentiments of our  secularism but also unleashing a terror regime. It is time our  PM speak and arrest the communal sentiments of his Hindutva Brigade before the name MODI becomes a  bubble about to burst

Also it is under his Prime Minister ship  that India's Judiciary has for the first time felt the cracks in the very edifice of system of delivering justice. For the very first time 4 of the senior  most judges of our supreme court have  gone public with their grudge with the Chief Justice of  the county and I see this as signs of a fatigued democracy  that reflects building up of  political arrogance

I know and so also the  billions that today we as a Nation  have neither a viable political Party nor a sensible  political leadership to reign this  Nation. Under such circumstances we should work to deliver the Nation in 2019 a viable and healthy opposition political party that has both the teeth and guts to arrest  BJP and Modi  from hijacking Democracy for their personal agenda.

Let us not be the partners in re-defining our  Democracy as "For the Politicians, By the politicians and Of the politicians". Let Democracy in this land remain people centered and let a more sobered and progressive Modi Sarkar continue to reign INDIA beyond 2019 ...

Saturday, November 11, 2017



In this digital age Face Book has become a major source for staying in touch with friends right from School days to College times to your one time office associates to your current associates of senior citizen clubs. Over the years I have become so addicted to FB that the first thing in the morning post coffee I  sit with my I pad scrolling  my feed in the FB

On the 26th of November early in the morning as I was scrolling through my feeds in FB, suddenly I noticed a photo with a caption  श्रद्धांजलि.....that left me simply numbed .It was like a punch to my heart which made it surge so hard that for a moment I thought it will stop. It was the photograph of my very close friend from college days Pramod Bajpai. Our friendship dates back to late 60's  those were  our college days .

Pramod ,I still don't want to believe that you are gone.I know even if I close my eyes and pray you will not come back but memories of our 50 years of friendship will keep living. 

I know you  were so found of walking, I still remember once we had a bet where you  decided that if you win the bet, we both will walk to Red Fort from South Extension, that was were I was staying then. The bet was ...Has Manna Dey ever sung for Johnny Walker in any film. My answer was firm NO  but you said Yes and you were right .."Kisne Chilman Se Mara Nazaraa Muji" this song was sung by Manna Dey  for Johnny Walker and the film was "Baat Ek Raat Ki" and those were the times when there was no google to google around  That day you really made me walk and that was some walk I will never forget..I was almost limping by the time we reached the Hanuman Mandir in Jamuna Bazar.and I was so pissed up that I took the Tivra Mudrika to Home and you walked home to Nai Sarak.

Your knowledge of Astrlogy, Hinduism and Brahminism was amazing, I still remember how you and  my mother will discuss on the subjects hours together, whenever you came to my  place. 

Post our college days we were the only two who continued to remain in touch. However with passage of time we migrated from real time to virtual time The last time that we met was at my place at Mayur Vihar and that was last week of September 2016  but the fact remains that we remained in touch all the time on FB till that day 25th of November,late night when you for no reason decided to leave us all  for ever.

 I wish I would have been able to say goodbye to you, If anything that I have learned from your passing away is that time is truly precious and that we will never know when will be the last time we will see someone.

I keep reading your book "Vakroti"  but I know next time when I pick it up to read I will not be able to hold my tears. Will miss you Brother...RIP 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Going to Dogs makes sense...!

No country has as many stray dogs as India and no country suffers as much from them. These free roaming dogs number in tens of millions, bite millions of people, young old and elderly. An estimated 20 thousands die of dog bites annually in India. The people killed by dog bites are more than people dying in terror attacks.  Stray dogs are endangering human life at every nook and corner of streets, roads, lanes by lanes, villages, towns and Metro cities across the length and breadth of this country However given the way national discourse is conducted in this country it is very difficult to even suggest that stray dogs roaming the streets constitute major problem that need to be addressed urgently.

Today even slightest mention of dog as a problem is enough to invite the wrath of dog lovers, animal rights activists, our liberal media and the likes of  Maneka Gandhi. Whatever the stray dogs do to hapless  human being and the citizens of this Republic of India, the law of this land is always on their side. They can bite, maul  and even kill but they can't be killed. In the tussle between human rights and animal rights it is the later that invariably prevail.

The dog lovers who encourage street dog breeding  should learn to put compassion for the safety of fellow human being before going over board in exhibiting their compassion for animals. Compassion towards stray dogs should not put human lives at risk. The safety and well being of the citizens should be the paramount priority of our civic administrators. Law protecting and allowing stray dogs to bark  and bite  at will the hapless human life does not serve justice to the citizens, We need to enforce a law that should ensure the  dog lovers adopt the stray dogs and not feed it at will and leave it on the streets to become threat to the human life.

 I am sure till the time we are free from the menace of stray dogs,  saying that Country is going to Dogs will make sense to that 1.3 billion human life 

Monday, May 08, 2017

Obit on an illusion called "Aam Aadmi "

Not very longtime back politics in India essentially was dominated by upper class families and so called ancient political inheritors. Then politics predominantly was a practice of dividing the public on the basis of their religion, ethnicity and class.  Even decades and decades after independence, we as a nation never came any were closer  to  what Gandhiji the Father of our Nation had planned for us. Corruption, poverty, unemployment, lack of education, lack of proper sanitation and communal intolerance kept the nation hooked to politics of intolerance and economics of uncertainties. 

Gradually people started losing hope of any revival from their political leaders and it became a commonsense that politicians came to power only to use it to suppress and throttle other political parties from rising up. They used their political power to nurse their arrogance and quench their hunger for  "moh maya and money".  It was in such hour of extreme disillusionment and disappointment that  a leader  Arrivind Kejriwal and his political party  Aam Aadmi came with a promise of giving  a clean and corruption free governance.

Aam Aadmi Party  under the leadership of Arrivind Kejriwal  soon became a household name across the cities and suburbs of India. The Aam Aadmi wave literally dominated the Delhi politics and to some extent the national politics. Kejriwal's overnight coming to  power and popularity reminded me of Nelson Mandela's quote  "Its always seems impossible until it is done"

Aam Aadmi party which completely destroyed India's oldest political Party CONGRESS and which  became a formidable challenger to the most dominating political party of the day  today stands on the crossroad of political  self-destruction.  Kejriwal's  Modi obsession and his "man in hurry"attitude to become  the  "political powerhouse" nationally has put him to his downhill political journey, The way  some of his trusted lieutenants are in a hurry  to betray the trust for few applauds and media bytes  are sure signs of brewing internal conflicts in the party. The chances of  Arrivind Kejriwal himself emerging as the biggest problem for his party can also be not ruled out. Sadly the party that  was not very longtime back  the  people's hope for revival of politics, today stand on the verge of a proverbial collapse .

The  2 crore Bribe allegation against Arrivind Kejriwal by Kapil Mishra one of his  sacked minster is now in  the process of opening the veritable can of worms. Looks like a  perfect setup to write an OBIT on an illusion called "Aam Aadmi..!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Beyond "NOTA" Can Delhi Dream ?

WE don't know how big the filth and garbage in our city will get with every growing day.  We don't know when and how soon will we get respite from the frequent outbreaks of Dengue and Chikungunya. We don't know when the threat of open drainage will end.  However we do know that this Sunday we will once again go and cast our vote and  elect  candidates  for our respective wards Yes the election to the three  Municipality Committees of Delhi will be held on this 23rd. 

Do you  know that out of the two thousand and plus candidates contesting for 272  seats, there are around 180 candidates who have criminal cases registered against them and another 120 candidates who have serious cases of murder, kidnapping and crime against women pending in various courts. Incidentally BJP has highest number of such candidates when compared to Congress and AAM ADMI  parties.

Our  discomfort against the political parties is always there, yet we religiously elect them back and they in turn continue to exploit our gullibility. I am sure our  political tolerance has a major role play in  in preserving  our  Democracy. 

The right purpose of Democracy is to choose a candidate  who  you deem fit to take the  ownership of  keeping the city clean and healthy. Therefore if right to vote is your  statutory responsibility then the right to reject a candidate is your fundamental right of speech and expression. We have till now either voted the party ignoring the candidate or simply stayed out of the election system by not casting our vote 

If you do not want to vote this Sunday because there is no good candidate, you should still go ahead and show your descent with the option of NOTA. For the first time this MCD poll gives you an option to reject. Using NOTA option does not oblige you to choose a lesser of two evils  Further the number of NOTA votes sends a discrete message to political parties over the choice of their candidates.

So please if you are unable to make a right choice of candidate  use the NOTA option  and express your discomfort with politics, Remember if you don't bother to act you lose your right to complain. So get involved  to answer Beyond "NOTA" can Delhi Dream?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Yeh.".....". Dilli Maange NoMore....

This Sunday 1.32 crore  voters will go to the polling booths, press their choice of button just once and 'only once' to decide the fate of 272 candidates in the eight districts governed by MCD. which incidentally covers  96 % of Delhi's geographical area. Delhi is spread over 1485 sq Km and has five Municipal corporations namely New Delhi Municipality  Committee(NDMC), Delhi Cantonment Board North Delhi Municipality(NDM), South Delhi Municipality(SDM) and East Delhi Municipality(EDM). The first two Municipality comes under Central govt and hence not a part of this Sunday election. The number of  wards under NDM and SDM are 104 each  while the number of ward under EDM is 64 .  Thus put together there are 272 wards.

 The  total number of candidates on the fray for this 272 wards are 2315, out of which 637 candidates are crorepatis  and 163 candidates have criminal cases against them. There are 18 political parties on the field  the prominent among them being   BJP,  AAM ADMI and CONGRESS. There are also over 1000 independent candidates, who  are majorly the victims  of their Party's ticket distribution. The elected candidates will become the Councillors for their respective wards for the next 5 years

The major responsibilities of these Municipality corporations are :-
a)Managing Water Supply b)Maintaining Drainage and Sanitation, c)Up-keeping and maintaining markets & controlling hawkers  d) Ensuring the street lightnings and maintaining all roads that are less than 60 ft, e) Running Primary Schools,Hospitals and Dispensaries, f)Collecting Property tax Professional tax &Toll tax, g) Maintaining Parks, Parking and Parking lots, h) Run cremation grounds and maintain Birth and Death records. These Municipality committees  have been for the  last 25 years dominated by Congress and  BJP  and for the last 10 years they are under  BJP

Today these Municipality Committees are among the most corrupt and most mismanaged Civic bodies in the world. Th City has practically become  an open Garbage yard and an open Drainage. entity The air here today remain stinking and obnoxious. The River Yammuna has been turned into a pathetic gutter . Almost 90% of City colonies neither have proper street lights nor adequate water Supply. In spite of Swatch Bharat  Abhyan there is a serious shortage of public toilets. The existing toilets remain smelly and door less. In short the  MCD Councillors have spared no effort to turn Delhi into a stinking Garbage city and a breeding ground for frequent  Dengu and Chikungunya outbreaks  I am sure all the past and present Councillors of MCD are far far more than  simple crorepatis.

Delhi Voters have twice made the wrong choice of  electing AAM ADMI  and  I don't mind doing it for the third time.  This time perhaps to make sure that our CM Kejriwal is left with no ground to complain. Incidentally looking at what Delhi has achieved by keeping BJP in power for the past 10 years  I will not feel guilty of not voting them this time.

Saying Yeh"KAMAL"Dilli Maange NoMore. is not going to lessen my admiration, my respect and my faith on the dynamic leadership of our PRIME MINISTER
So what say....?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Rise Of India's Crony Spiritualism

In our country God men are as old as the concept of God and Religion. The gullible common man ever remains  fooled by these God men so much so that they have become a power unto themselves Over a time all such organized faith, cult and  religious movements have effectively become the smartest and most flourishing start up ideas that has over a time become a superlative profiting business ventures. The Guru-Baba duo of Ravishankar and Ramdev are currently  the emerging nexus of Modiism

 Ramdev Baba's nine year old Patanjali Ayurved reports Rs 5000 crore annual revenue from virtually nothing when it started in year 2007 and now  is all set to double that figure in the current  financial year .Ramdev is  going after big established multinationals like Nestle, Colgate Palmolive and Unilever and he insists they will be left clueless. That  speaks the kind of political clout that he garners. Seeing Patanjali's success, Ravi Shankar's Sri Sri Ayurveda is also on the way to rake billions In short Guru-Baba duo's commercial empires have grown exponentially into thousands of crores post Modi Raj

 Ravishakar again is one of those self appointed spiritual guru who was allowed to hold his grand Tamasha the  so called cultural jamboree last year in Delhi's  yamuna river's fragile floodplain in spite of public and environmentalists uproars. Not only that the Govt at the Center also used the Indian Army's manpower for the construction of  a seven acre stage to accommodate some  8500 artists. This amounts to  most stinking and shameless criminal use of political power to pamper a private citizen's ego .It was further shocking to see our  most respected Prime Minister Modi gracing the function. Truly it is so very frustrating to watch  how  political parties  in our country  remain enslaved to the arrogance of such  self glorified Spiritual Gurus. Incidentally it will be costing the Govt exchequer 50 crore  and a 10 year time to repair the damages caused to the yamuna floodplain by the Art of Living's  3 day   cultural event 

Surprisingly Ravi Shanker has today refused to pay the National Green Tribunal(NGT) the 5 crore penalty imposed on his Art of Living for the serious environmental  damages to the Yamunna   floodplain .Not only this he had the audacity to blame the  Govt for permitting him to hold his tamasha on the floodplain. Now should we hail or wail the  rise of India's Crony Spiritualism is something beyond me


Reign India beyond 2019

No doubt politics is a game of opportunity. Way back in year 2014, failure of Congress  to contain people's  utter frustration beca...